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Welcome to Klondike: The Lost Expedition!

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is the web version of the popular mobile game Klondike Adventures. Start the Lost Expedition adventure with amazing quests and thrilling journeys! Play Klondike online for free!


Klondike: The Lost Expedition – Official Trailer

The Essentials of Klondike Gameplay

Klondike gameplay has two main elements: farming and town-building at your station, and going on expeditions to explore new lands.

Before you start your adventure, you’ll need to prepare for the harsh winter and equip your expedition for distant travels. In other words, you have to farm in the village.

Farming goes along with engaging quests that will guide and entertain you. The quests will also tell you the story of a young character searching for his father, his adventures, and friends he makes along the way.

Once you are ready to explore new lands, the real adventure begins! The story will take you to the lands of Blue Peaks Valley, colorful and rich in treasures. The Valley is just the beginning: open new areas and travel to thrilling faraway lands.

How to play Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Klondike is driven by travel and exploration! There are two types of expedition locations for you to enjoy: permanent stations and timed lands.

Timed lands are available for a certain period of time after they are released. They offer certain tasks that you can complete to get the land’s main prize.

The purpose of these locations is to provide you with resources for your game progress and with a cheerful mood (these lands are often holiday-themed!).

Permanent locations are a part of Klondike map and they tell the main story. They offer exciting quests filled with charming twists and mysterious secrets that are sure to keep you on your toes.

Each permanent land has a unique building where you can trade goods with the locals and craft unique items to advance your home station further.

The Wonderful World of Online Farm Games

The world of Klondike will take you to Alaska during the gold rush era with its unique atmosphere and charm.

Before a long and exciting expedition you will be challenged to set up a flourishing farm, build prosperous factories and arrange a roaring trade of food and materials.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone! The local Inuits and your friends will assist you with all your endeavors!

With the map of Klondike in your hands, you can explore picturesque locations full of mysteries, hidden treasures, useful materials, ample opportunities, and challenging tasks.

Completing each of the various quests will take you one step closer to solving the mystery of the lost expedition!

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