2,000+ puzzles
Captivating story
Design & decor
Weekly events

Restore a garden!

You are now the owner of a beautiful garden that Austin the butler will help you renovate. Beat fun and challenging puzzles to progress through a storyline full of unexpected twists and make the place look irresistable!


Gardenscapes – Official Trailer

Welcome to Gardenscapes!

You now hold the keys to a magnificent old garden loaded with secrets waiting to be unveiled. Set off on a journey full of adventure with Austin, your loyal butler: beat match-3 puzzles, restore and decorate themed garden areas, and meet amusing characters along the way — including a cute pup!

Bring your garden back to its former glory by collecting rewards and beating puzzles. Add your own touch to the garden in a variety of different styles, and open new areas to progress through the different twists and turns in the plot of this ever-expanding story.

Put skills to the test with dynamic match-3 puzzles that have the perfect balance of challenge and reward. Collect power-ups to blast your way to victory, and compete against other players in the many in-game events.

Learn about your quirky neighbors, train your loyal pup, and get some help from friends as you complete tasks in the garden. Follow their stories in the game's social network, and join a real-life community of players on a variety of social network platforms.

Build your dream garden for free in this acclaimed mobile game!

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